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Fredo J Clermont, DNP

Fredo J Clermont, DNP, Psychiatric APRN

Clinical Director

Board Certified Psychiatric APRN

Dr. Fredo J Clermont is a double board-certified clinician as both a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). He completed his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Chatham University and his master's degree at the distinctive institution Western University of Health Sciences with highest honors. and a post-master's at Regis College in Massachuchetts. Dr. Clermont mentor Nurse practitioner student and  Doctoral candidate, he has experience in a number of fields including Psychiatry, Family Medicine/Internal Medicine and Neurology. He was previously affiliated with Saint Francis Hospital Medical Center in Hartford, CT where he worked as an Associate Director of TelePsychiatry and Burgdorf Health Center as a Consultation Liaison Psychiatry specialist. 

As a board certified Psychiatric Practitioner, he fosters a holistic approach to assessment and treatment. The holistic approach offers opportunity towards discovering the essential elements of an individual's life that are physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental. The goal of the care provided is the restoration of mental health and wellness.The healing will occur by means of the collaborative and “therapeutic relationship" we develop together. We will work together to establish treatment goals and establish optimal solutions to address your mental health need.

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